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Zoe Fragou

Zoe Fragou – Stop starting. Start finishing

March 22, 2023

Zoe Fragou is an organizational Psychologist and explains why” everything is a negotiation”, why you should “focus on your strengths”, how “pettiness stalls your career” and much more. Hosted by...

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Martin Salama

Martin Salama-Reframe Your Meaning Of L.I.F.E

March 8, 2023

Martin Salama is a CEO, Founder and Business Coach. He explains why we should “Reframe our meaning of L.I.F.E”, he discloses the “true meaning of Rationalize and how it's self-sabotaging...

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10 Lessons Hosts

100th Episode – 1000 Lessons Learned

February 22, 2023

We’ve made it to 100 episodes. That’s 1000 Lessons Learned! Our hosts Diana White, Siebe Van Der Zee, Jeffery Wang and Robert Hossary are joined by team member Yi Wang...

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Faris Aranki

Faris Aranki – What are your 3 adjectives?

February 8, 2023

Faris Aranki tells us why we should “Run towards the wrecking ball”, reminds us that the “Platinum rule is better than the golden rule “and asks us “what are your...

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Dr Nora Gold

Dr Nora Gold – Create Space For Creativity

January 25, 2023

Dr Nora Gold asks us “If not now, when?”, explains why we need to “be kind to ourselves”, that “You define success” and more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee.

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Dr. Bev Browning

Dr Beverly Browning – DON’T isolate yourself when you are going through hard or trying times

January 11, 2023

Dr Beverly Browning shares her Do’s and Don’ts lessons; "DO appreciate yourself", "DON’T be hard on yourself when you make mistakes", "Do celebrate yourself" and more. Hosted by Diana White

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Dr Samantha Boardman and Dr Dilip Jeste

Dr Dilip Jeste and Dr Samantha Boardman – Build the Habit of “Good Enough”

December 28, 2022

Dr Samantha Boardman and Dr Dilip Jeste discuss the techniques you can use to be wiser. Hosted by Duff Watkins

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Karen Loon

Karen Loon – Don’t be scared to look in the mirror

December 14, 2022

Karen Loon shares her lessons about how "Our future is shaped by our past", that "Imposter syndrome is normal", why you should not "be scared to look in the mirror"...

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Link Duarte

Link Duarte – Don’t let your mistakes ruin what you could be.

November 30, 2022

Link Duarte discusses why we should "Strive for excellence, not perfection " That we need to "Live your bliss " and explains why you shouldn't "let your mistakes ruin what...

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William Sarni

William Sarni – The Power of Unreasonable People

November 16, 2022

William Sarni discusses why we should "Do good things" That we need to "Learn to say No or Hell Yeah" and explains the power of unreasonable people. Hosted by Siebe...

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