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Great interviews with extraordinary people. This is the archive of all our past episodes. Here you will find the audio podcast as well as the full transcript of the episode.

Special Uncertainty

Special Episode – Embracing Uncertainty

Embrace uncertainty for growth! Join Siebe Van Der Zee and Yi Wang in a special episode of 10 Lessons Learned as they delve into the power of uncertainty. Sweaty palms, trembling voices – familiar feelings, right? Dive deep into insightful conversations and wisdoms shared by distinguished guests. Unlock untapped potential from our treasure trove of lessons!

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Barnaby Howarth

Barnaby Howarth – Sometimes Stuff Just Works Out For You

Join us for an insightful conversation with Barnaby Howarth, whose journey from the Australian Football League to becoming a beacon of resilience and hope is both inspiring and instructive. Tune in as Barnaby shares valuable life and career lessons on overcoming adversity and finding strength in vulnerability. Hosted by Robert Hossary

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Dale Stevens

Dale Stevens – You don’t know what you’re capable of.

Facing your fears, embracing change, and learning to ‘do you’ – Dale Stevens has done it all and is here to share her incredible journey and the lessons learned along the way. From landing a role in Mission Impossible to founding Playright, Dale’s story is a testament to the power of persistence and authenticity. Join us for a deep dive into the lessons that have shaped her career and life. Hosted by Jeffery Wang

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Melissa Hahn

Melissa Hahn – There are no wasted experiences.

Explore the journey of fostering effective intercultural relations with intercultural professional Melissa Hahn, emphasizing building genuine relationships over cultural differences. Learn valuable lessons on adaptability, personal growth, and embracing cultural identities. Delve into the significance of self-care and the art of maintaining authenticity in various cultural contexts. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee

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Matthew Jacob Jodouin

Matthew Jacob – The purpose of a goal is to GROW.

https://youtu.be/_eBbi4x805g About Matthew Jacob Having started his career as a certified personal trainer and gym owner, Matt quickly realized that true transformation goes beyond physical fitness. He recognized that a person’s mindset is the foundation for achieving success in all areas of life. This realization led him to delve deeper

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Jason Wong

Jason Wong – Everyone has something to offer.

Join your host, Jeffery Wang, in this inspiring episode of the 10 Lessons Learned, where we discuss invaluable insights for career, business, and life. In this episode, we welcome Jason Wong, an accredited leadership coach, strategy ninja, and a kindness practitioner. Hailing from one of Sydney’s most successful Chinese families, Jason shares his unique journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and finding fulfillment beyond material success. With engaging discussions about recalibrating life’s priorities, nurturing meaningful relationships, promoting diversity and inclusion, and constantly learning, we uncover some of Jason’s key lessons that have shaped his leadership style and understanding of success. Tune in for this enlightening conversation and walk away with practical nuggets of wisdom that go beyond the textbook.

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Braeden Rhys

Braeden Rhys – Authenticity is Your Superpower

Braeden Rhys talks about his experiences as an individual, as a professional in marketing and PR, and as a trailblazing entrepreneur. He discusses his journey as a gay man, from being a youth minister to becoming an escort and a drag queen, and how these experiences shaped his approach to business and personal growth. He shares his insights on embracing authenticity, persevering through hardships, and shaping one’s own future. Hosted by Robert Hossary

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Per Ohstrom

Per Ohstrom – What makes us different makes us better.

Explore how Per Ohstrom, an Arctic Army Officer turned into a global marketing expert, navigates the world of business. Learn his valuable lessons revolving around positivity, determination, and embracing diversity in our latest episode of “10 Lessons Learned”. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee

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Brad Chan

Brad Chan – Success is intentional

On this episode Brad Chan explains the importance of “living your values” why being an Introvert is a superpower” and how “Challenges are opportunities” along with more lessons learned. Hosted by Jeffery Wang.

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Martin Salama

Martin Salama-Reframe Your Meaning Of L.I.F.E

Martin Salama is a CEO, Founder and Business Coach. He explains why we should “Reframe our meaning of L.I.F.E”, he discloses the “true meaning of Rationalize and how it’s self-sabotaging you” and tells us how to “Lose the Worrier and find the W.A.R.R.I.O.R”. Hosted by Diana White.

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10 Lessons Hosts

100th Episode – 1000 Lessons Learned

We’ve made it to 100 episodes. That’s 1000 Lessons Learned! Our hosts Diana White, Siebe Van Der Zee, Jeffery Wang and Robert Hossary are joined by team member Yi Wang to discuss the last 1000 lessons, what resonated and what didn’t.

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Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff – Work in batches of 10

Bob Mankoff, Cartoonist and Author talks about why you should “Work in batches of 10”, why “Talent is the ticket but that’s all ” and the why you should “Appreciate when ‘good’ is ‘good enough'”. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Eric Miller

Eric Miller-Know Your Own Bias

Eric Miller, CEO, Entrepreneur, Director speaks with us why it’s important “To learn your tools”, “Never to understate the importance of a network”, why we should “Know our own bias” and more. Hosted by Diana White

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Robyn Henderson

Robyn Henderson – Be clear on your Why? What? How?

Robyn has authored and contributed to more than 30 books on networking, business and career development and self-esteem building over the last 20+ years. She speaks with us about why it’s important to “Stay connected” why you should “Respect your audience” and the importance of “Your Why? What? How?” hosted by Robert Hossary

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Robin Reed

Robin Reed – Stress Is Not A Badge Of Honour

Robin Reed is the co-founder and Principal with EmFluent,  an Entrepreneur, professional speaker and coach. He speaks with us about why “Asking For Help Is A Strategy”, why you should “Invest In Your Own Happiness “and how “Stress Is Not A Badge Of Honour”. Hosted by Diana White.

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Rosaly Lopes

Rosaly Lopes – A Little Self-Promotion Is Fine

Dr Rosaly M. C. Lopes is Directorate Scientist for the Planetary Science Directorate and a Senior Research Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory she tells us why we should ” Hang Out With People Who Are Brighter Than You Are “, and “Don’t Try To Please Everybody” and that “A Little Self-Promotion Is Fine” along with other lessons it took her 50 years to learn. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Beng Yeoh

Beng Yeoh – You Can Buy Talent But You Can’t Buy Integrity

Dr Beng Yeoh a board director and a has been a senior business leader for over 40 years. He shares why you should “Choose And Follow A Reliable Compass”, how “There’s Always Something You Can Learn” and why you should ” Develop Your Work/Rest Ethic” and other lessons it took him 50 Years to Learn. Hosted by Jeffery Wang.

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Gay and Katie Hendricks

Katie and Gay Hendricks – Authenticity is Sexy

Dr Gay Hendricks and his wife Dr Kathlyn Hendricks have written 40+ books, trained thousands of coaches, appeared on Oprah, and hosted seminars around the globe. In this episode they share their lessons on how to “Create no blame zones, how to “Use body Intelligence” and why “Authenticity is sexy”. Hosted by Duff Watkins

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Dr Andrew Browning

Andrew Browning – There is nothing new under the sun

Dr Andrew Browning AM is an Australian trained obstetrician who has spent his entire professional career volunteering in Africa as a medical missionary specializing in obstetric fistula surgery. Listen to Andrew tell us why we should “Be satisfied, and learn contentment”,  why we should “Look out not in ” and why it’s important to ” Lead by coming last, being a servant ” hosted by Jeffery Wang.

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Don Peppers

Don Peppers – Jobs deliver pay checks, Careers deliver purpose

Don Peppers is a best-selling author, blogger, widely-acclaimed keynote speaker and global CX authority.

He speaks to us about how “Life is not a contest, no one takes “first place” “, how “You learn the most when you know the least”, and why “Learn to live with yourself first “. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Conrad Taylor

Conrad Taylor – Nothing beats perseverance

Conrad Taylor grew up in Guyana, South America. Now a retired executive. Conrad has over thirty-five years of hands-on experience leading change in the United States. He shares his story with us. Listen to learn why “`Nothing Beats Perseverance” and how ” A Set Back Can Be A Set Up for Better” along with other great lessons. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee.

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Barry Nalebuff

Barry Nalebuff-Good people act Badly because of wrong incentives

Barry Nalebuff is Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale SOM where for thirty years he has taught negotiation, innovation, strategy, and game theory. He speaks with us on why “Important projects are often easier than trivial ones”, why you should “Be prepared for others to screw up” and why you should “Feel free to bend the rules”. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Robert Lustig

Robert Lustig-Speak to the ventriloquist, not the dummy

Dr Robert Lustig has fostered a global discussion of metabolic health and nutrition. He speaks with us abut why you should “speak to the ventriloquist and not the dummy”, how “pleasure is not happiness”, how “90% of the work is done in 10% of the time” and more. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Bas Boorsma

Bas Boorsma – The Current Paradigm Shift:The Network Paradigm

Bas Boorsma has been specialising in smart cities for over 20 years. He shares with us “The magic of conflict resolution”, why we should learn to “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable” and how “Passion and intelligence goes a long way” along with seven other valuable lessons. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee.

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Ellen Langer

Ellen Langer – 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2

Ellen Langer is a professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University and she speaks with us about how “Certainty is a mindless illusion” why ” 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2″ and that if you want “To feel differently, you need to view it differently” along with more great lessons. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Raj Raghunathan

Raj Raghunathan-If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?

Raj Raghunathan, author of “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?” is currently professor of marketing at the University of Texas School of Business. In this episode he tells us why “Small changes have big effects”, how to “Be discerning, not judgmental” and shares the “Single most important thing to enhance your happiness”. Hosted by Duff Watkins

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Mary Labrie

Mary Labrie – To lead you have to learn to follow

Mary Labrie is a writer and producer of radio, podcast and film. Mary is Director and Principal of strategy consulting firm, Clear Advantage. She discusses why “We all respond to incentives”, why “You need to ask”, and that “To lead you must learn to follow”. Hosted by Jeffery Wang.

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Siebe Van Der Zee

Siebe Van Der Zee – Get over it! Don’t create mental barriers for yourself.

Siebe Van Der Zee is President of Vanderzee & Associates, Executive Search & Coaching. For 28 years, Siebe has served as Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Arizona. More importantly he is one of the hosts of 10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn!  Siebe talks with us about why we should “Get over it”, Why it’s important to “warm up the engine” and why you should “Be who you are”. Hosted by Robert Hossary.

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Dilip Jeste

Dilip Jeste – Anyone and Everyone Can Become WISER

Dr. Dilip V. Jeste is the author of ‘Wiser: the scientific roots of wisdom’ and speaks to us about how “If you think you’re WISE, you aren’t” and tells us that “Anyone and everyone can become WISER” along with eight other great lessons. Hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Special Episode – What is Wisdom?

In this special episode the four of us, Jeffery Wang, Siebe Van Der Zee, Dr. Duff Watkins, and Robert Hossary discuss the deep topic of wisdom. We ask the question “What is wisdom?” and try to answer that from the lessons learned from our guests and from our own experiences. We have been asking this question of ourselves since we began. So we thought that we would share this discussion with our audience. Let us know your thoughts on what you think wisdom is.

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Niki Luijsterburg – Leaders are storytellers

LT COL Joost ‘Niki’ Luijsterburg speaks to us this week about how the best “leaders are story tellers”, how there are “only two intrinsic motivators – Love or Fear” , the true nature of “Sacrifice” and seven other great lessons. Hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee.

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Dr Floyd Ormsbee

Floyd Ormsbee – Never let them see you sweat

Dr Floyd Ormsbee shares some valuable lessons with us in this episode. Why you should “never let them see you sweat”. That you can “disagree but learn from each other” and why “if it were easy everyone would do it. Hosted by Robert Hossary

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Jeremy Richman – Buy now or…

Jeremy Richman shares why “People don’t have to like you to respect you”, why you should “Let a good cause find you and embrace it” and “What you say may not be what they hear” among his 10 Lessons. Hosted by Robert Hossary

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Andrew Tyndale

Andrew Tyndale – Play the Long Game

Andrew Tyndale speaks with Jeffery Wang this week. Explaining his lessons of why you should “Find your tribe”, the power of “Filling you heart with gratitude” and the benefit of “Playing the long game”.

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Diana White

Diana White – Be prepared to walk away.

This week Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Diana White. Diana has a wealth of experience and eagerly shares her 10 lessons with Siebe. Dianna tells us why we should “never let work politics…influence out work ethics”, why we should ” Be prepared to walk away…” and that “everyone has something to learn and to teach”.

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10-50 Group. Hosts of 10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn.

Ten Lessons – Recap Ep 13 – 16

In this episode the four of us, Dr. Duff Watkins, Siebe Vanderzee, Jeffery Wang, and Robert Hossary review episodes that featured Alan Haselden, Bill Guy, Guillaume Lucci and Jacob Butler. We share with you, our audience, the lessons that resonated most with us.

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Jacob Butler – Don’t Wait for Change

This week Siebe brings you 10 Lessons from Jacob Butler. Jacob shares lessons that his culture has taught him. Lessons like why you should “Invest in lasting impact” and why you “Don’t wait for change” in your life.

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Bill Guy

Bill Guy – The Hiring Process is Broken

Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Bill Guy this week. Bill discusses the lessons he learned throughout his career in Executive Search and Consulting and shares insights into why “the hiring process is broken” and how we can “Learn to say no” and that “Good guys can finish first” as well as many more.

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Alan Haselden

Alan Haselden – Can We Just Get to the Point?

Duff’s guest this week is Alan Haselden. Alan had a long and successful corporate career before entering into local politics. Alan shares over 50 years of lessons with us such as “Identify bad actors and weed them out”, “Never lose sight of the detail”, and ” “Can we just get to the point” among others.

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Ten Lessons – Recap Ep 9-12

In this episode the four of us, Dr. Duff Watkins, Siebe Vanderzee, Jeffery Wang, and Robert Hossary review episodes that featured Alan Kilfoyle, Garry Browne, Narelle Hooper and Brad Casper. We disagree on some points but we still share with you, our audience, the lessons that resonated most with us.

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Brad Casper

Brad Casper – Leadership is not a Title

On this episode Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Brad Casper and learns some valuable lessons. Brad tells us  that “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, that “Your career is the sum of many micro careers” and that “Leadership is not a title” among others.

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Narelle Hooper

Narelle Hooper – Look out for Landmines

This week Jeffery Wang speaks with Narelle Hooper one of Australia’s leading journalists. Narelle discusses her valuable insight that she has gleaned over her career. Listen to hear why you should “Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others” , “Everyone needs to feel like they belong” and why you should “Look out for landmines”  and more.

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Garry Browne – Learn to be Vulnerable

Listen to Duff discuss the 10 lessons that Garry Browne learned over his 50 years. Invaluable information such as: ” To be the fastest doesn’t mean you’re the winner” , “Change the people or change the people”  and the cryptic “Message to Garcia” plus 7 more. 

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Alan Kilfoyle

Alan Kilfoyle – You Can Recover

This week Robert Hossary speaks with our guest Alan Kilfoyle who shares some of his valuable lessons that helped him navigate his career and life for the past 5 plus decades. He’ll share why it’s important to : “Be open to opportunities” and “Be resilient”. Also why “The show must go on”. Most importantly, no matter what happens “You Can Recover”.

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Hosts of 10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn

Ten Lessons – Recap Ep 5-8

In this unique episode the four of us, Dr. Duff Watkins, Siebe Vanderzee, Jeffery Wang, and Robert Hossary will recap the previous episodes and share with you, our audience, what we found most fascinating about our guests.  We will be discussing our interviews with André Alphonso, Jack Milligan, Rod Mewing and Michael Kelly. Join us and hear what we learned from our guests.

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Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly – All Agreements Are With Yourself

Duff Watkins speaks with Michael Kelly who is a communications guru. Michael talks to us about the lessons that have been significant in his career; ” Every person is fighting a battle that I know nothing about”, “We are what we pretend to be”, “All agreements are with yourself” and more.

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Jack Milligan

Jack Milligan – Shine Your Shoes

This week Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Jack Milligan. Jack is an Author, Lecturer, Business Leader, HR Professional and Community Leader. Jack is passionate about all things HR and shares 10 lessons with us that he has learned throughout his leadership journey.

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Andre Alphonso

André Alphonso – Collect Adventures Not Things

In this week’s episode, Duff Watkins speaks with André Alphonso. André shares his 10 lessons with us “Don’t eat your lunch on the way to work”, “Banish psychic vampires”, “Collect adventures not things” and seven others. Listen as he shares his unique philosophies about life, business and fulfilment.

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Hosts of 10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn

Ten Lessons – Recap Ep 1-4

In this unique episode the four of us, Dr. Duff Watkins, Siebe Vanderzee, Jeffery Wang, and Robert Hossary will recap Ep 1 – 4 and share with you, our audience, what we found most fascinating about our guests. 

We will be discussing our interviews with Ligia McLean, George Bradt, Matt Bai and Duff Watkins. Join us and hear what we learned from our guests.

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Matt Bai

Matt Bai- People Make YOU Feel the Way THEY Feel

Hear top US political reporter MATT BAI explain why, “People make YOU feel the way THEY feel”, “Life is in the re-write”, “Look away from the ball”, and 7 other lessons for career and life on 10 Lessons It Took Me 50 Years to Learn. Making the world wiser place, lesson by lesson.

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