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Great interviews with extraordinary people. This is the archive of all our past episodes. Here you will find the audio podcast as well as the full transcript of the episode.

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly – All Agreements Are With Yourself

08 Mar 2021

Duff Watkins speaks with Michael Kelly who is a communications guru. Michael talks to us about the lessons that have been significant in his career; " Every person is fighting...

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Rod Mewing

Rod Mewing – Business Is Not Personal

02 Mar 2021

This week Jeffery Wang speaks with Rod Mewing. Rod looks back at his significant career and shares the lessons that were most influential with us.

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Jack Milligan

Jack Milligan – Shine Your Shoes

22 Feb 2021

This week Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Jack Milligan. Jack is an Author, Lecturer, Business Leader, HR Professional and Community Leader. Jack is passionate about all things HR and shares...

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Andre Alphonso

André Alphonso – Collect Adventures Not Things

15 Feb 2021

In this week's episode, Duff Watkins speaks with André Alphonso. André shares his 10 lessons with us "Don’t eat your lunch on the way to work", "Banish psychic vampires", "Collect...

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Hosts of 10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn

Ten Lessons – Recap Ep 1-4

09 Feb 2021

In this unique episode the four of us, Dr. Duff Watkins, Siebe Vanderzee, Jeffery Wang, and Robert Hossary will be reviewing the previous episodes and share with you, our audience,...

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Matt Bai- People Make YOU Feel the Way THEY Feel

02 Feb 2021

Hear top US political reporter MATT BAI explain why, “People make YOU feel the way THEY feel”, “Life is in the re-write”, “Look away from the ball”, and 7 other...

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Ligia-McLean- Turn an obstacle into an advantage

26 Jan 2021

On this episode, our host Siebe Van Der Zee speaks with Aerospace professional Ligia McLean. Ligia shares valuable lessons she learned that have helped her advance her career.

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George Bradt -There are only three interview questions and you need to know them

22 Jan 2021

On this episode, our host Dr Duff Watkins speaks with best selling author, Forbes.com columnist and onboarding guru George Bradt. George shares lessons for how to secure that dream position...

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Dr Duff Watkins

Dr Duff Watkins – Never Engage in Civil War

22 Jan 2021

Hot off the press is this weeks interview with Dr Duff Watkins. In this episode we discuss the value of self awareness, the importance of telling your self the truth...

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