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James Pennebaker

James Pennebaker – Be Your Own Therapist With WORDS

August 3, 2022

Professor James Pennebaker tells us how we can use words to better understand ourselves and others. He shares how expressive writing can be a tool to understand trauma. Hosted by...

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Gaj Ravichandra

Gaj Ravichandra – Assume There Is 1% Of Truth In Everything

July 26, 2022

Gaj Ravichandra speaks with Jeffery Wang about why you should "Run towards success rather than away from failure", why you should always "Assume there is 1% of truth in everything...

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Dr Joel Martin

Dr Joel Martin – The most important superpowers you have is the ability to choose

July 19, 2022

Dr Joel Martin shares why "Feedback is a gift"; what your greatest "Superpower" is; why you should "Learn to love and laugh a lot"; and more. Hosted by Diana White

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Ambassador André Haspels

André Haspels – Give people trust and space

July 12, 2022

Ambassador André Haspels talks about why you should "Savor unique experiences"; the benefits of "Being modest" why you should "Make others look good" and more. Hosted by Siebe Van Der...

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Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff – Work in batches of 10

July 5, 2022

Bob Mankoff, Cartoonist and Author talks about why you should "Work in batches of 10", why "Talent is the ticket but that's all " and the why you should "Appreciate...

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Steve Okun

Steve Okun – Knowing your value – lets you advocate for yourself

June 28, 2022

Steve Okun, CEO and Media Commentator talks about why you "Should make yourself unique", why "No job is beneath you" and the importance of "betting on yourself". Hosted by Robert...

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Héctor Colón

Héctor Colón-Listening is more important than providing feedback

June 21, 2022

Héctor Colón is a Servant-CEO and shares his lessons about how "Humility is at the core of serving others", why "Perseverance is about not giving up" and "Listening is more...

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Megumi Miki – Fitting in is overrated but standing out can be hard work

June 14, 2022

Megumi Miki tells us why " Fitting in is overrated", why " There are no ‘bad’ emotions", and why you should " Get comfortable with solitude" and other lessons it...

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Dr. CJ Cornell – If you want someone to rave about your idea, call your mother

June 9, 2022

Dr CJ Cornell shares his experience as an entrepreneur and tells us why we should "Be Up Front" why we "Don't play hard to get" and "If you have to...

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Howard Nusbaum

Professor Howard Nusbaum – You won’t be wise without understanding others

May 31, 2022

Professor Howard C. Nusbaum shares why " It’s wiser to listen than to speak ", how " Curiosity fuels wisdom ", how " Wisdom is a skill you can learn...

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