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Link Duarte

Link Duarte – Don’t let your mistakes ruin what you could be.

November 30, 2022

Link Duarte discusses why we should "Strive for excellence, not perfection " That we need to "Live your bliss " and explains why you shouldn't "let your mistakes ruin what...

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William Sarni

William Sarni – The Power of Unreasonable People

November 16, 2022

William Sarni discusses why we should "Do good things" That we need to "Learn to say No or Hell Yeah" and explains the power of unreasonable people. Hosted by Siebe...

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Keith Rowe

Keith Rowe – Don’t just talk. Question, Listen, and Watch!

November 2, 2022

Keith Rowe explains how "EQ Trumps IQ Every Time", that "There Is A Difference Between Leadership Versus Management" and tells us about "The New Business Opportunity - Customer Service". Hosted...

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Ron Higgs

Ron Higgs – Don’t call yourself an expert unless your peers describe you that way

October 19, 2022

Ron Higgs tells us that "You can learn from anyone", that you should "Solve more problems than you create" and why we should "Embrace gratitude". Hosted by Diana White

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Baishakhi Connor

Baishakhi Connor – Workaholism is an addiction, don’t wear it as a badge of honour

October 5, 2022

Baishakhi Connor explains how " It all starts with belief", why you should "Chase your dreams, but don’t become captive to them" and that "Things happen, it isn’t the end...

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Ellen Ruppel Shell

Ellen Ruppel Shell – Question Received Wisdom

September 28, 2022

Ellen Ruppel Shell tells us why you "Should rise above your assumptions", why we should "Question received wisdom" and " Don’t take business matters personally " hosted by Duff Watkins.

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Rachna Nath

Rachna Nath – Patience is a virtue but can become a vice if you practice it too much

September 21, 2022

Rachna Nath tells us why we " Should believe that destiny will lead us", why we "Shouldn't be afraid of failure" and that " If you believe in something, make...

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Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman – Everyone is totally just winging it

September 14, 2022

Oliver Burkeman tells us how "The ability to tolerate minor discomfort is a superpower" why we should "Let things take the time they take" why it's important to "Seek enlargement...

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Alberto Esparza

Alberto Esparza – Leadership is defined by the community

September 7, 2022

Alberto Esparza discusses why you should not be "Afraid to Fail", how "It's Never Personal" and why you should "Embrace Negativity" hosted by Siebe Van Der Zee

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Dr Helen Holton

Dr Helen Holton – Forgiveness frees you to live stronger

August 31, 2022

Dr Helen Holton tells us why "Dreams deferred don't mean dreams denied", how "We're not born resilient; but we build it throughout our lives" and how "Forgiveness frees you to...

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