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Sangbreeta Moitra

Sangbreeta Moitra – The only one counting how hard you failed, is you

September 20, 2023

Sangbreeta Moitra discusses why ”Personal branding elevates hard work”, why “A NO is merely an opinion”, why “A goal without a plan is just a dream” and other insightful lessons....

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Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera

Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera – Calibrate Intentionality Bias

September 6, 2023

Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera is an Author, Policy Advocate and President of NAU. He tells us why we should “Hire the best, get out of their way”; why we...

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Joe Templin

Joe Templin – Sacrifice Of Myself, To Myself

August 23, 2023

Joe Templin is an Author, Founder and Managing Director. He tells us why “Harder is better”; why we should “Be a kid”, that “a strong enough Why, overcomes any How”...

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Rod Miller

Rod Miller – Be interesting. Try something new.

August 9, 2023

Rod Miller is an President, CEO, Founder and Strategics. He explains why we should “Put people first”, how “Everyone is the CEO of their job” why we should “Suck it...

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Julie Lancaster

Julie Lancaster – Bring numbers into the emotional

July 26, 2023

Julie Lancaster discusses why you should “Tend to your introvert”; “Solicit interest instead of force-feeding facts”, and the importance of “F/U” hosted by Diana White.

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Lee Eldridge

Lee Eldridge – Understand what you’re hiding.

July 12, 2023

Lee Eldridge is an Entrepreneur, CEO, and a Performance Coach. He shares why you should “Understand what you're hiding”; “Be careful what you think”, that “Failure is an option” and...

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Jan Cavelle

Jan Cavelle – Never lose your thirst for learning

June 28, 2023

Jan Cavelle is an Author,Speaker and Entrepreneur . She explains why ”It’s OK not to be the best”, how “‘Don't Quit’ is a load of baloney“, why “being laughed at...

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith – I thought, equals, I’m wrong

June 14, 2023

Mark Smith is a Counsellor, Speaker Trainer and Podcaster. He explains why ”Comfort is the Casualty of Growth”, how “Words Lie, Actions Lie, but Consistency Doesn't Lie”, asks “What is...

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Troy Hadeed

Troy Hadeed – Everyone fails. Everyone succeeds. That’s what makes us the same

May 31, 2023

Troy Hadeed is a Social Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Yoga Teacher, Author. He explains why ”Privilege is not a bad word”, why you should “Cultivate a loving relationship with your mind”, how...

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Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker – What you leave behind is what you weave in the hearts of others

May 17, 2023

Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker and author. He explains why you should ”Be part of something bigger than yourself”, why you should “Control your mind or it will control...

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