Who are we?

Sharing what we've learned

Between us we have over 200 years of combined experience in business and life. We have all lived and worked in multiple countries and cultures.  It is that experience that we share with you through our podcast.

We came together on this project when we were discussing how valuable the lessons that we now know would have been to our younger selves. 

We asked some of the sages and gurus that we know in our network if they would be willing to pass on their lessons to the world through our interviews and it was no surprise that they all readily agreed.

So we embarked on this journey of interviewing and documenting important lessons from these leaders of industry, academics, celebrities and run of the mill successful people so that their wisdom can be shared with you.

We know that there are somethings with which  you will agree with and some that you will not. After all isn’t that what life is all about?

Meet The Team​

We’re dedicated to finding the most interesting people around and asking them to share what they have learned with you. 

Our background means that we know which lessons are wisdom and which ones are grandma’s platitudes.

We will ensure that it is the former that you get to hear.

Dr Duff Watkins


Dispensing sound career advice for 25+ years.


Siebe Van Der Zee


Executive Performance Coach, Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Arizona 

Robert Hossary

Host / Producer

Has a background in Technology, Transport, Fashion and Healthcare

Jeffery Wang

Host / Producer

Founder of Professional Development Forum (PDF). International 

Rider Antwi

Video Editor

Creating video magic for the 10 lessons YouTube Channel. Launching soon 



To share lessons gleaned from life experiences so that the path for others is not as difficult


Fostering a kinder and more inclusive world where we all see each other as valuable